Arbor Day
Chairperson- Mike Tanzini- Ted Collins Tree and Landscape

The committee is responsible for the planning, organizing, and orchestrating of the annual Arbor Day event held the last Friday in April.

Chairperson- Dave Dailey- Birchcrest Tree and Landscape

This committee reviews the accounting procedures and financing practices of the Association. They work directly with the Executive Director and Board of Directors to benefit the members through maintaining a viable association. The chair is appointed by the Board.

CNLP Certification
Chairperson- Liz Berkeley-Monroe County Cooperative Extension
Co-Chairperson- position open
Chairperson Emeritus- Jody Mills- Birchcrest Tree and Landscape

The committee’s goal is to work with the State Office and the CNLP Program Director to promote and train CNLPS in Region V.

Education Day
Chairperson- Walt Nelson-Monroe County Cooperative Extension
Vendor Chairperson- Katie Houseknecht-Batavia Turf

The goal of this committee is to provide educational opportunities to our Association members and the local horticultural and turf professionals.

Chairperson- Sharlene Reeves- Birchcrest Tree and Landscape
Co-Chairperson- position open

The focus here is to create an event that allows our members the opportunity to showcase the educational and creative aspect of our Green Profession.
The goals of the committee:

  • to bring public attention to and raise awareness of the GFLNLA membership.
  • to promote the use of our member companies
  • promote interest in careers in the Green Profession
  • to provide a venue of display for everyone’s interest and business
  • to fund money for scholarships in the Green Industry

Chairperson- Ken Estes-Estes Country Gardens and Design

The task of the committee is to retain existing members and actively recruit new member firms. They promote the Association and its benefits to current and potential members; while coordinating our files with the New State Nursery and Landscape Association.

Public Relations and Marketing
Interim Chairperson- Ken Estes-Estes Country Gardens and Design

Our goal is to provide communications to our members and the community:

  • to raise awareness of the economic impact of our industry
  • to raise awareness of the good works of our member firms and organization in the community
  • to showcase to the community the benefits of doing business with our members
  • to enhance the Association’s presence in social media
  • to recognize members to the community
  • to promote networking and recruitment within our industry.

Chairperson- Brett Lemcke-RM Landscape
Co-chairperson- Sharlene Reeves-Birchcrest Tree and Landscape
Co-chairperson- Bill Teamerson-Wayside Garden Center

We are in pursuit of worthy candidates for scholarships at state universities and colleges that offer landscape and horticulture programs. Our goal is to provide support to the future leaders of our industry, the schools they attend and the programs they study. The committee reviews applications and awards scholarships. It is also responsible for the management of our scholarship funds in the Ted Burnett Memorial Scholarship fund.

Social Events
Co-chairperson-Karl Naegler-John Welch Enterprise
Co-chairperson-Mike Nelson-Weckesser Brick Co.

The task of this group is to organize our annual golf tournament and picnic in addition to assisting in the planning of other social events for our membership and their families.

Co-chairperson-Brett Lemcke-RM Landscape
Co-chairperson-Dave McGowan-Horticultural Associates

The committee is charges with developing sponsorship opportunities to those in our industry who would like to promote our association and its growth. The sponsorships allow the association to provide more benefits and services to our member firms.

Co-chairperson-Sharlene Reeves-Birchcrest Tree and Landscape
Co-chairperson-Jeff Hathorn-Northern Nurseries

Our goal is to keep the members informed of the significant events occurring in the lives and families of our members and friends in the industry. We make donations, send flowers and write cards and welcome all input from our members to bring awareness of said events.