2020 Sports Turf Conference & Trade Show

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Budgets! We all have to deal with the problem of never having a big enough budget to handle the supplies, equipment, and labor needed to create the safe playing surfaces that are being demanded by all parties … from the coaches to the parents of our students.  

After creating the budget, how do we present it to get what we want?

This topic is one of the biggest we will tackle this year at our2020 PLANT GFLX Sports Turf Conference.

2020 Sports Turf Conference & Trade Show Speakers

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Michael Mamo Director of Facilities, East Irondequoit CSD
Mike had 18 years of experience total as an Assistant Superintendent of Business for two local school districts before his current position as the Director of Facilities.

Mike was formerly the bean counter who regulated how the money was spent. Now he’s the guy spending the money. Mike will talk about how he used to consider submitted budgets versus how he now creates the budgets in order to get what he wants and needs in a timely and productive manner.

Seminar: Creating budgets to get what you need

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Mike Robinson President, Homefield Turf & Athletic Inc.

Mike has been in the athletic and green industry for 35 years. Home Field Turf & Athletics works on all levels of baseball and softball fields from Little Leagues to Big Leagues.

Mike will join us to update us on what is new in the industry and also what to put in your budget to tackle problem areas. Mike will also discuss setting priorities in spring maintenance, in-season maintenance, and putting-your-fields-to-bed maintenance. 

Seminar: Industry updates, budgeting for problems and setting maintenance priorities

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Jack BryantCo-owner, Preferred Seed

Jack has 37 years experience in the seed industry. He co-
founded Preferred Seed Co. in 1999 with distribution throughout the Northeast retail outlets and the landscape industry.

Jack will join us to talk about what seed we should use to get the best results on our athletic fields versus our common areas around campus. Is there a difference? What time of year should we be top-dressing and with what? What type of aeration should we be doing and when? 

Seminar: Seed for athletic fields vs. common areas

Our speakers will then team up to share their experience in working on and presenting a field maintenance plan that will correlate to a yearly budget for all athletic fields.