2020 Education Day & Trade Show Speakers

C. L. Fornari Speaker, writer, consultant, gardener
C.L. is a creative gardening expert who transitioned from artist to garden communicator. She has authored eight books, hosts a radio show and podcast, blogs, and runs a consultation service for an independent garden center on Cape Cod.
Seminars: Pruning for professionals; Plants that please clients and customers

Bonnie GuckinAdjunct instructor NCCC; owner of gardening service
Bonnie is a CNLP has an AAS in Horticulture and a BA in Physical Geography. She has followed her passion in environmental stewardship of the Great Lakes region and is an active advocate for continued education in the green industry.
Seminar: Plant this, not that: five over-used shrubs and Mike Goodnick’s alternatives

Mike GoodnickHead landscape foreman, Draves Tree and Landscape
Mike is a CNLP and ISA Certified Arborist with an AAS in Horticulture. He is passionate about woody plants and pruning—in the resurrection of mismanaged plants and best management practices to maintain plant health.
Seminar: Plant this, not that: five over-used shrubs and Mike Goodnick’s alternatives

Elizabeth LambCoordinator for Ornamental Crops, NYS Integrated Pest Management Program
Elizabeth works with greenhouse, nursery, Christmas tree, and landscape professionals to find effective pest management solutions that also protect New York State’s people and environment.
Seminars: Developing beneficial habitat; Invasion of the plant snatchers: Spotted lanternfly, Asian jumping worms and Box moth

Tim Boebel Nursery Manager, Wayside Garden Center
Tim has been collecting hydrangeas for nearly 20 years, and is closing in on 500 cultivars in his Bloomfield garden. He has also published two books on the subject: Hydrangeas in the North and Today’s Hydrangeas.
Seminar: New Directions for Hydrangeas in the Northern Landscape

Mahlon Stoltzfus CEO, SHS Distributors
Mahlon has a broad knowledge of what it takes to install a quality hardscape project and the challenges to go with delivering such projects, and is currently involved with distributing cutting edge products to the hardscape industry. 
Seminar: EASYJoint-—The all-weather paving joint solution. “Rain or Shine it Goes in Fine”.

Brian EshenaurSenior Extension Associate, NYS Integrated Pest Management Program
Brian has a a bachelor’s degree in horticulture and a master’s in plant pathology.
Seminar: Landscape Pest Management Updates: The latest on Emerald Ash Borer, Oak Wilt and other important tree and shrub problems.  

Omar Buker  — National Automower Sales Manager, Husqvarna
Zach Mersch  — National Sales Manager, Mean Green
Mike Baum  Certified Automower Expert, Brodner Equipment
Seminar: The Future of Autonomous Mowers & Battery Equipment

Brent ConleyPresident, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives
Brent is an outdoor lighting designer, whose expertise in industrial lighting—especially hazardous area lighting—gives him the unique ability to design, install, troubleshoot and maintain industrial lighting systems.
Seminar: Why I love low-voltage LED lighting and why you should too.

Jim HaightNYSDOT   
Seminar: NYS DOT mock inspection